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land of oz, (states/regions/territories)
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abakan, activism, anal sex, antiques roadshow, art history, astrology, baking, baltics, bernese mountain dogs, bobos, bulbs, canning, cello, chanting, chocolates, christianity, clean energy, cleaning, composting, conservatories, cookies, cooking, country, courtney love, crafting, croatia, dalmatia, decorating, democratic socialism, disney, dog training, dogs, dorothy, environmentalism, farms, feminism, fertilizer, flowers, forests, french cooking, friendship, gardening, gift wrapping, glinda, greenhouses, gypsies, hebrew, horses, hrvatska, israel, julia child, karma, kindness, living green, madeleines, mahayana buddhism, making gifts, making jams, natal charts, native plants, natural habitats, nurseries, orchids, organic gardening, oz, ozma, patti smith, perennials, philly, phipps conservatory, pittsburgh, puppies, rasputina, recovery, recycling, return to oz, rock and roll, russia, samoyeds, science!, shopping, slovenia, soviet kitsch, superstition, tacky art, tarot, tarts, the cowardly lion, the homosexual agenda, the zodiac, tinman, veg*n, vermicompost, wreaths, zagreb

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23 year old romani trans woman. i live in farm country with my fiancé and pup. we're incredibly happy.

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